About Us

Founded in 2008, HubRare has been one of the leading Switzerland retailers of limited edition and specialized footwear for sneaker connoisseurs, “sneaker  heads”, and resellers alike. Our inventory has always been curated to meet the needs of a vast audience ranging from sneaker collectors, to “hype beasts”,  to sports fans. We concentrate on the needs of the trendsetting consumer and aim to inform our customers by telling the stories that make each shoe special.  At HubRare you will browse, you will learn, and you will discover shoes you never even knew existed.


Hubrare.com, founded in 2014, which mainly target US and UK markets. Our mission is to make Hubrare.com the preferred online shopping destination for anyone interested in limited sneakers, by delivering exceptional customer service, carrying legitimate footwear and clothing(coming soon), and displaying the highest  quality of involvement within the footwear community. We are “sneaker heads” for the “sneaker head”, providing some of the most sought after shoes  currently being produced on the market.

Each listing on our site represents high quality footwear that can only be found on niche web stores such as ours. The majority of our items will not be found  at your local footwear retailers making them more difficult to come by. We have many distributors that supply us with our inventory across the globe, all of  which are official retailers of the brands we carry. You can feel 100% secure when shopping with us that what you see, is exactly what you will receive.